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Some of us here have been designing software since 1987. We grew-up with the IT industry. Along the way we needed to build tools, formulate principles, develop fundamental algorithms. At some point it became clear that we are makers rather than consumers. We got deeper and deeper into the hardcore of the IT. Ultimately, we embarked on a hugely difficult undertaking: the operating system of the future. Tight, versatile, self-aware, self-motivated. And now, a new breed of a beast is living its infancy here at Proxima. But all this is still in R&D. 

Anna K2, K4 and K5 are the major milestones in our OS development. As a bit of history, K2 was our first version that booted barehanded on a 486 machine back in 1993. If you are an OS maker you would know the feeling of joy that is, as well as how lasting and motivating it can be. 

Anna K4 was a thorough piece of science that came two years later in 1994 featuring a swag of principles, aggressively new for its time, aggressively far fetched still today. It booted on machines with more than one CPU, had a segmented 48-bit architecture which at the time only IBM's OS/2 had, had a desktop, file systems, sophisticated memory management, communications, inbuilt kernel debugger, and many more. The size of the whole system is 168K, less then your BIOS. Anna K4 is our pride and joy, but probably of no immediate use to you as an end user since it would not replace your desktop in any near future. It's something that we're working on embedding into our hardware for the next mission to Mars. 

Anna K5 is the descendent of K4 and a re-evaluation of the entire IT industry to date. 

Object Transaction Protocol is our inter-process, cross-platform communication system that permits an application to be transparently distributed over a network of heterogeneous computers, and still preserve its conceptual unity. Its current applications are Rochelle-the exchange server, and Iris-the Video Surveillance station.

Edict is our dictionary editor, a highly sophisticated and artificially intelligent super-compiler and linker of natural languages, which we use here to construct archives of the likes Gaius Navigator uses. Edict is also a multi-layer grammar-based compressor/de-compressor. Its resulting dictionaries can be rapidly traversed and queried. Edict is part of our strategy for database engines. 

We have other products under development such as the Voice Synthesizer, the Audio virtual mixer, the Voice and Video over IP relays, and a new programming development environment. We are under quite some pressure with all of them, but have to address them as priorities dictate.

We are maintaining a Storage Engine as a thin bridge between the MySQL server and Anna K5.

NANO is the foundation of our runtime engines. It is the smallest Operating System kernel system possible and a reduction to essentials of Anna K5.

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